Machine 962


The main functions of the machine 962 (surface treatment, registration, printing heads, UV dryers) are all linked to a single frame adjustable in height by a motor.Adjustment is achieved in one operation with NO tool (screen off contact, object diameter) through the machine touch screen.

The machine 962 meets the requirements of the most demanding users :
– Quick change over : 20 identical jigs, one infeed turret Quick mount pin registered magnetic screens and memorized job setting.
– Quality : printing up to 7 colors, perfect UV drying even at the highest output.
– Efficiency and precision : mechanical or optical registration for object positioning, registration to previous prints by camera.
– Versatile : maximum diameter up to 120 mm.
– Robust and durable : fully mechanical with numerical control adjustments.Numerous options available: lacquering, sleeves, capping, double production, camera registration, camera inspection.

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