Dane Wash Pump Professional


Drum og reservoir emptying or filling is accomplished quickly, efficiently and safely with the dane portable drum pump. Utilizing the dane drum pump, drums or reservoirs are filled or emptied without messy spills and splashes – operator contact or exposure to potential harmful materials is avoided. The dane drum pump is designed with the user in mind i.e.: compact, impact-resistant motor, comfort-grip handle with easy access to on/off switch.

The dane drum pump has a proven design. Strict process and quality controls assure consistency of product quality. The dane drum pump is CE-marked.

A typical pump user will find the dane drum pump a reliable replacement for pouring, using hand pumps or diaphragm pumps. The dane drum pump is easier to use, more mobile, less costly to operate and easy to cleane and maintain.

The dane drum pump is a light weight alternative to handle light viscocity chemicals. The dane drum

Unique Lifting compressor design
Strong and solid construction
Mild corrosives and solvents resistant gaskets
Chemicals with a minimum falsh point of 133oF / 56oC
65 liter per minute
Low noice – only 78db
Stainless steel tube – AISI304
Tube 37” / 940mm, Ø50mm
AC motor, 50-60 Hz, 220/240 or 115 VAC
Impact resistant housing with integrated handle

Manufactured according to:
CEN NORM 1010-1/2
CE marked

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