Dane Wash 380



dane wash 380 – a high capacity in-line ink and stencil removal system. The totally closed and fully automated system cleans screens thoroughly and effectively in a single working process. The frame handling can be fully automated by adding dane frame magazines.
The first dane wash was marketed in 1989 and has proven to be a dependable, stable machine.


dane wash machines are a real market success.
They are constructed on a strictly envi¬ronmental basis and all materials used are chemically fully resistant, durable and thoroughly tested. All chemicals used are re-circulated in a closed system – thus securing an environment friendly working area.
The number ‘380’ associated with the dane wash denotes the speed of a frame through the machine, i. e. delivery of 380 mm clean frame per minute.
The very first machines constructed are still in daily operation! This is undoubtedly why our customers are our best reference.

Good Economy

– Fast return on investment
– Saving on personnel
– Minimized service and maintenance
– Minimized consumption of chemicals
– Minimized consumption of electricity
– Minimized consumption of water
– Minimized exhaust

Manufactured according to:
CEN NORM 1010-1/2
CE marked

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