Dane Squeegee grinder automatic


The highly advanced and unique fully automatic squeegee grinder


The highly advanced and unique dane grinder automatic first saw production in the early seventies. It was quickly recognized for its high quality, precision grinding, basic concept and design, which still applies today – however implementing the latest technology as well.


dane grinder automatic is a high capacity fully automatic all-round grinder for all squeegee types and materials. The machine is equipped with our unique grinding system that prevents grinding particles from clogging while grinding and gives excellent cooling properties. The dane grinder automatic provides a fully automatic highly advanced and unique grinder system with excellent quality and capacity.


dane grinder automatic incorporates the latest PLC technology and the digital key-in system secures an easy operation and a short make ready time. In addition dane grinder automatic incorporates the advanced possibilities of cambering and angle grinding.


The basic construction is manufactured of high quality steel and is produced in various sizes to meet your specifications. The machine is manufactured according to CEN NORM 1010-1/2 and is CE-marked.


Our squeegee grinder secures the lowest possible consumption of electricity, which combined with a minimum of service and maintenance ensures a good economy and a fast return on investment.

If you want a squeegee grinder with a fully automatic highly advanced and unique grinding system of excellent quality and with high capacity, at the lowest possible cost, dane grinder automatic is the perfect choice for you. Once you have chosen

Manufactured according to:
CEN NORM 1010-1/2
CE marked

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