Dane Split 50


Compact high-quality front and back split machine


dane split 50 saw the light at groenlund machine works in the early sixties. dane split 50 is a reliable, dependable and high-quality product and the basic concept and design still applies today – however implementing the latest technology as well.


dane split 50 is constructed to provide extreme perfection and high output on front as well as back splits of even the thinnest types of self-adhesive materials. Based on our advanced high quality steel cylinder, the unique cutting blades and the feeding system, the dane split 50 can provide a constant high output of a high quality.


The cutting depths and the distance between cutting heads of the dane split 50 can easily be adjusted and the unique knives of carbide tungsten metal with extremely long life secure a constant, reliable and precise cutting result. Furthermore, on the dane split 50, it is possible to move the feeding table sideways.


The basic construction is of high quality steel and manufactured according to CEN NORM 1010-1/2 and is CE-marked.


Our dane split 50 secures the lowest possible consumption of electricity, which combined, with a minimum of service, maintenance and make-ready time render a good economy and a fast return on investment.

If you want dependable and efficient high-quality cutting result of front as well as back splits and at the lowest possible cost, dane split 50 is the perfect choice for you. Once you have chosen dane split 50, we are confident that you will also be a satisfied Dane customer.

Manufactured according to:
CEN NORM 1010-1/2
CE marked

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