About ACP

About ACP

We are ACP Systems

For more than 35 years, we have provided a wide repertoire of printing machines for product
labeling to the manufacturing industry.This makes us an experienced supplier who has a
strong position in the product labeling industry and regardless what conditions your business
consists of, we can offer tailor-made complete solutions which streamlines your production
from the ground up and optimizes profitability.

Our knowledge is your success

With us, you will find multicolor machines, high-tech CNC-controlled machines and
equipment in other printing methods that we with experienced hands adapt for your
production facility. With our expertise, we can produce individual machines in no time, but
also integrated projects for line production and the machines are so flexible that they can be
built on with new components. This makes it easy to adapt them to your business, if new needs arise.

A concept that has proven to be very successful. ACP Systems’ values are permeated by flexibility and
proximity to you as a customer, which means that we are an obvious choice for
quality-conscious customers who have high demands on design and capacity. With your
needs in focus, we develop the most relevant products and offer a favorable solution that
takes your business to the next level – from idea to complete equipment. We are always
available to our customers and are often on site to reconcile and provide personal service. In
addition, a service agreement is included so that you can quickly get a technician on site for
repairing and maintenance of your equipment.

Our history

In 1982, ACP Systems was founded. Our first import was a pad printing machine from the
brand Madak. At that time, the business consisted of three people, and a few years later we
were contacted by Ericsson who wanted a special printing machine to print on their mobile


In 1985-1999, mobile phones became popular. Ericsson announced that all manufacturers
would contact us in Borås, which meant that Motorola, which was a major manufacturer of
mobile phones, also contacted ACP Systems to start a collaboration.


In 1999, we were acquired by the Nyström Group, which saw potential in developing the
company’s products and adapting the machinery for domestic production, instead of
exporting. During the following seven years, the ACG Group deteriorated and sold out the
company, which included the then Group.


In 2000, we were three employees and grew rapidly together thanks to the fact that we
identified more and more of the customers’ needs and gained a greater presence in the
market. The range of products increased and we developed automation-related solutions
that suited our customers’ operations. During these years we learned a lot and with the right
knowledge we had the opportunity to give customers exactly what they needed. Early on, we
aimed to maintain the production in Sweden, for a long time had a thriving collaboration with
new and existing customers, which contributed to us not having to move our operations
abroad. In this way, we have managed to hold on to our characteristic customer proximity.


In 2010 we were contacted by Hammervald who wanted to be acquired. A year later, the
deal was completed, which meant that we got a larger and stronger product range and


In 2013, Östling’s label system was also acquired and became part of the
company. This contributed to an expanded, larger customer base and that we were able to
advance our position in the market. At that time, both companies were moved from
Stockholm to our operations in Borås.


In 2013, ACP Systems bought a property centrally located in Borås that was specially
adapted to the needs of our business. This meant that we gathered everything in one place
and worked on streamlining the premises, so that our employees could, for example, weld
and handle dangerous goods. During these years, our workforce expanded to include 14
employees, and we have worked hard to streamline our work. Everything to be able to meet
our customers’ needs and maintain our good and personal service.


Today we have a strengthened sales force, technicians and staff and are ISO-certified since
2015. With a strict environmental policy and focus on sustainability in the company’s various
business areas, we are today a valuable, experienced and established overall partner to
hundreds of customers.
– in both Borås and Sri-Lanka.

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